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We are New Delhi based Indian company, trying to help car owners and people around to contact the car owners, without sharing any of the personal data at all. What we do is simply connect car owners to general public who wants to contact the owner for any specific reasons like

  • If the car is parked in front of their garage and they cant take their car out
  • If some one forgot to turn off their car lights, and you want to help him by notifying
  • just if the car is parked in wrong place and you have a problem
  • and many more.

    What we do is simply offer a QR code to car owners which is already linked to their phone and car, and once some one scans that QR they just have to select why do they want to contact the owner and after some simple verifications we send the message to the owner in real time.

    All this without anyone getting any information of the car owner and vice versa.

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