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Please read the FAQ before you contact the support, as we have setup the same template of message in support.
Better read here and if not solved we have AWESOME support for you available.

What is NGF132?

With the help of NGF132 tags, you reduce the possibility of me being unaware of what issue your vehicle might be creating. People can contact you using NGF132 tags without getting to know your phone number.

How to register my tag

To Register NGF132 tags, please scan the tag using your phone camera, google lens or paytm APP. And follow the steps.

How to enable the calling option?

To enable calling option, please login to your account by clicking here. once you are loged in please visit dashboard and you will see the option to enable calling button.

What APP i need to scan NGF132?

You can scan the tags using Iphone camera, Paytm, Google lens or any 3rd party QR scanner APPs. you can also download our Android APP from here Android APP. IOS APP is coming soon.

How to add emergency contact details?

To add your emergency contact details, please login to your account by clicking here. once you are loged in please visit dashboard and you will see the option to add emergency contact details.

How to reach support?

you can email us at [email protected] and for urgent issues, you can also get live whatsapp support at whatsapp Live Support

Can i re-sell NGF132 tags?

yes, please register here, Register as reseller . There will be a refundable deposit of Rs: 501 to know how serious you are about the business.

Do i need to provide RC or car plate number?

No, we do not need any of those details, we need your name, email, phone and address to ship the product to you, and then you can add those details by your self, you will have a manual to do so. its simple and can be done in 30 seconds.

I have not received my order yet!

please track the status of your order here Track order. if the order is marked as shipped and you have not received it yet, please call the courier once and if you can not resolve it, please contact us. We fix all kids of issue.

When will i receive the order?

Once we receive the order, we ship every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After shipping it takes 2-3 days to get delivered. In some cases it may take longer due to address / local restrictions.

Can i flirt with customer support?

Please Don't do that, let them do their job. you can email the founders though at [email protected]

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