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V 3.11 india
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We are in News, Best time to start Reselling.

NGF132 tags for your Societies, garages or for ReSelling !

If you want to sell the NGF132 parking Tags or Door Tag in your shop or want to resell this for good margin. Apply now.

Make upto 3L / Month Selling NGF132.

(Over 60% Margin, Min Investment, 20K Rs ) COD Available.


  1. People can CALL or Send Message.
  2. Your Phone Number is not shared
  3. Add Emergency contact Number
  4. Scan using camera, Paytm.
  5. Upload vehicle documents
  6. Available for cars and bikes.
  7. Masked Phone number*.
  8. One time purchase.

Our Support and Promise

  1. Pamphlets, Brochure, Standee, Sales Pitch, Videos and pictures.
  2. All paper works for required for Selling NGF132 Parking tags.
  3. Dedicated Manager
  4. 10AM to 8PM 6 Days Call Support.
  5. Exclusive Rights in your city*.
  6. upto 50% of your Field Sales Person*.

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