Scan using iPhone camera, Paytm or Any QR Reader APP.

You can scan NGf132 QR code using any QR reader APPs. If you are using iphone you can simply use camera to read our QR. For android users you may use any QR reader APPs like PayTm etc.

You can also download our APP for great experience.

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Frequently asked questions!
We are new startup based in New Delhi, India. We started in 2020 and now we have about 40k users all over india.
How to register my tag

To Register NGF132 tags, please scan the tag using your phone camera, google lens or paytm APP. And follow the steps.

How to enable the calling option?

To enable calling option, please login to your account by clicking here. once you are loged in please visit dashboard and you will see the option to enable calling button.

What APP i need to scan NGF132?

You can scan the tags using Iphone camera, Paytm, Google lens or any 3rd party QR scanner APPs. you can also download our Android APP from here Android APP. IOS APP is coming soon.

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