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V 3.11 india
Owned by NGF.ONE
Manage Vehicle Coming IN and Going OUT record. Download Excel anytime anywhere.
Your Society Members can pre-Authorize any vehicle / Send OTP to visitor here.
We will print your Society logo on the tag, you can recognizance vehicle from your society
Same tag will work in all societies, you just scan the tag and let it work.
Your residents can contact any vehicle owner incase of any wrong parking, Contact details will be kept private.
Send updates, reminders to residents in real time.
Manage vehicle Come in
and Go OUT easy.
We will add your Society logo on all the tag. | First year free membership | Call us now for a Quote.
Start with just Rs 1999/- per year.

Manage your society parking, Vehicle entry and residents flats with ease. No ads, no distractions. Real APP for society

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