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Terms for Business.

Reselling / Distributorship terms

Last updated in Sept 2023

Thank you for your interest in establishing a partnership with our company.

Allow us to introduce NGF132, a revolutionary solution designed to enhance parking experiences. NGF132 Parking tags enable individuals to easily contact vehicle owners in case of any issues with their parked vehicles, without the need to disclose personal contact information. To explore more of our products, please visit our online shop at

To proceed with the partnership, the minimum order quantity for NGF132 Parking tags is set at 500 units. Prices for this quantity will be shared with you by your dedicated manager. To qualify for the exclusive selling option in your area, it is required to maintain a minimum stock of 500 packs of NGF132 Parking tags at all times.

As part of our commitment to maintaining the product's integrity and reputation, there are specific terms that need to be agreed upon while doing business with NGF132:

1: Selling the parking tags loose or without their envelopes is strictly prohibited.

2: The selling price must not exceed the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) nor go below 90% of the MRP.

3: We expect all our partners to maintain excellent customer relations, be polite, and refrain from making false promises.

4: As an exclusive distributor for your area, you may receive bulk leads and orders, and your name will be prominently displayed on our APP and Web platform.

5: The partnership agreement will have a validity period of 1 year, and renewal may be required thereafter.

6: In the event of any breach of the aforementioned terms or if you are found to be solely holding stock without actively marketing and selling, the agreement may be subject to cancellation by the company.

7: We can process of refund of upto 75% of any unsold items. We will need upto 10 days once the item is returned to us to proces sthe refunds.

8: All shipments would be done by couriers, and no self pickup / drop is allowed to keep an evidance of shipment.

We are fully committed to supporting your business success and will provide all necessary assistance in marketing and sales efforts. This includes providing marketing materials such as pamphlets, brochures, and even branded merchandise like T-shirts. Additionally, if you choose to hire a field executive for sales, we are prepared to contribute up to 50% of their salary (maximum 6,000 Rs).

We appreciate your attention to these details, and we are eagerly looking forward to the possibility of a fruitful partnership. We will also provide you excusive certificate and agreement signed by company when we do the final agreement.

Best regards,
Rahul Jha
Founder NGF132

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